Video Chat Developer

Contact us to discuss how to embed video chat into your current website.

When thinking about a video chat solution for your business, there are many options. Skype and Facetime are leading examples, as well as Zoom, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

If you have a strong online presence you might consider driving potential customers to an online consultation rather than a physical store. To do this, we can integrate video chat into your website so it becomes easy for customers to choose to contact you for an immediate video chat.

We work with clients on their video chat strategy and integration throughout the world. Email now for a meeting.

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Remote Working in 2020

Companies are turning to video chat as an alternative to the traditional workplace. Video chat rooms can be integrated into a corporate website for added security, privacy and ease of use. As well as supporting working from home, video chat can be used as an alternative to physical in-person meetings for new client interactions. Use … Continue reading Remote Working in 2020

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