Bespoke website design. Digital Visual was the Bristol SEO company

SEO Company in Bristol

When searching for new businesses, many people don't look beyond the first two pages of a search engine's listings, and for that reason it is important to have a well built, professional website, that is targeted, succinct, snappy and attention grabbing for tall of the right reasons.

Setting up your site is only the start. To rank well with your website is a long process, and involves a lot of dedicated work. Some of this can be done by you, and we can advise. We can also help you by providing an ongoing monthly service to help you to the top!

Whilst we are based in Clifton, Bristol, we work with clients on their search engine optimisation (spelt 'optimization' in the US and by many search engines) throughout the South West and across the UK.

Google Search Updates

With major updates by Google, SEO and search promotion has changed significantly and it is now almost impossible for companies to 'fake' authority in an area of expertise.

This is good news if you have a business and an area where you can create content as this will all help to rank your website for your industry key terms.

Content Creation and Syndication

Article writing
Press relations
Social Media consultants
Video Production
Link building

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Bespoke website design. Digital Visual was the Bristol SEO company
Google Page Speed for SEO
Google Page Speed

Search Engine Optomisation (Optimization)

One of the ways we can help your website rise in search for your keyword phrases is to make sure it is performing technically.

Increase page speed See Google Page Speed
Caching and indexing flags
Removal of broken links
Moving to https
Mobile responsive styles
Add unique content


SEO and Website Search Promotion

Search promotion is not a service we offer anymore.

Free advice:

Search promotion relies on a dedicated volume of effort over a sustained period of time and you should work with a company over the long term and pay a monthly fee.

Best results are achieved when technical errors are fixed, website pages optomised and unique content is added to your site and social media regularly.

Keyword Research

One of the interesting tools that you can use when you are starting to look into search promotion is Google Search Console, which used to be called 'webmaster tools'. This website from Google tracks visits to your website and the terms that people use to find you. For instance, see the list below which includes the terms that Google thinks this page will be found on.